Tharwa Builders

tharwa in arabic

The origin of Tharwa Builders

THARWA pronounced sarwah (ثروه) is an Arabic word which means FORTUNE.
This company is named Tharwa with the aim to build their Fortune and Wealth to help more people through the Tharwa Foundation one day!
The Founder wishes that it will be a beacon in repairing the houses of people in need, 
build new shelters around Malaysia and to expand throughout South-East Asia.

Our Core Values

Reliable Contractor

It is important to have a proven track record of success and be able to provide references from previous clients. To have a good communication skills, be willing to listen to the clients' needs and concerns.

Work Professionally

We aim to always behaving as a professional contractor that can separate between business and personal boundaries. Our goal should always to ensure the job is completed on time.

Quality Workmanship

Fundemental in our mission, we aim to provide the highest quality of our work regardless the amount of the job or the client. We treat every projects equally important

A little History

In 2015, Mr. Helmi, the founder of Tharwa quit his role as the CEO at Alloy Advertising Sdn Bhd as he was disappointed seeing Malaysian get duped by incompetent contractor and foreign workers in hope to get their dream houses. Engaging and working with many homeowners throughout the years, many of them were victims of a fraud contractor due to lack of research on the company. They were attracted by the affordable cost offered by these contractors.

The founder started with getting 2 years mentorship with his father-in-law who is a well-versed bungalow contractor that had built more than 50 bungalows. He then started to build his first 5 units of bungalow which were located in Desa Putra, Sungai Merab Bangi. Gradually, the renovation-refurbishment task became effortless when he mastered the art of constructing a bungalow from the essential.

He then established Tharwa Engineering alongside his partner Ir. Mohd Razmi. They initiated giving consultation and advisory works to government offices, GLC companies and private companies. Until now, they have managed more than 450 projects from numerous budgets. Many of their previous projects are successful and built with trendy designs.

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