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SINCE 2015

Tharwa Builders has lead a custom of professionalism and integrity in Klang Valley construction industry. At the moment you begin the journey of building your dreams with Tharwa Builders, we are all about your goals. All the question raised, all the imagination discussed, our dedicated team will rise to the challenge in making your fantasy become reality. From the first meeting, to the moment you step foot into your new and improve home and after, we are here to be the best advocates for you. That's Tharwa Builders.

Build, Redesign, and Transform.

Tharwa Builders have been constructing & renovating Dream Homes for Land & Home Owners in the Klang Valley since 2015 with only the best quality materials alongside creating safe structural designs to ensure Safety, Beauty & Affordability.What began as a call to action against unsafe & overpriced houses, today also prioritises educating our community in all aspects of home structures, renovation & designs as added value to homeowners who entrust us with their Dream Homes.

Our Services

Every single day we do our best to serve you with abundance of expertise and quality of leadership in a project. Our main objective is to ensure we deliver the highest level of quality without compromising our professionalism in this industry. Our services mainly focus on three category which are residential, commercial, and consultation service. These are some of our service that we offer out there;


Renovating a residential property can provide many benefits, such as improving the functionality and appearance of the space, increasing property value, and making the home more energy-efficient. 


A well-planned project is more likely to be completed on time and within budget. This can help to minimize delays and cost overruns, which can be damaging to the project's success and to the organization's reputation.


Consulting services are provided by consultant that specialize in offering expert advice and support to organizations involved in the construction industry.

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